Industry 4.0

The main goal of "industry 4.0" is to build information physics system, actively layout intelligent factories, promote intelligent production, and form a highly flexible, personalized and digital production mode of products and services, whose technical basis is information physics system. The information physics system connects the physical equipment to the Internet, which makes the physical equipment have the functions of computing, communication, precise control, remote coordination and autonomy. To realize this function, it depends on a large number of intelligent operation and automation equipment. In order to ensure the long-term stable operation of the automatic intelligent production system, it is necessary to provide the basis for the stable and reliable heat dissipation system.

Huaxia Hengtai provides professional cooling fans and relevant installation and use suggestions for server, inverter and other industrial control fields and supporting UPS industry. Through 18 years of unremitting efforts, it has become the largest cooling fan supplier in the domestic industrial control industry, providing a range of cooling fan products covering the field of DC and EC fans, with more than 60 sizes and more than 200 series fans. Years of industrial control and related industry fan supply experience, make Huaxia Hengtai for its industry application characteristics, special requirements, fan use points and fan use problems prone to have a unique understanding. The unique dust-proof design, professional customization and excellent quality guarantee the long-term stable operation of the fan, creating Huaxia Hengtai's leading position in this industry.

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