HXHT 2015 annual meeting

The annual meeting was held on January 31, 2015.

At the beginning of the annual meeting, Huaxia Hengtai Cao, Guo Vice president made a summary of the past, looking forward to the future speech, the annual meeting atmosphere was soon driven up;This year, there were as many as 10 songs and dances. The singing skills, dancing skills and playing skills of the singers won the applause and applause from the audience.During the program, the lucky draw was even more inspiring. Many old employees who had never won the prize were read out their names, which was heartening and inspiring. The atmosphere of the annual meeting stepped into a climax led by the lucky draw personnel.At the end of the singing program "I love you", many colleagues ran to the stage, singing and dancing together, reveling in the wine. After that, there were children from the company to sing on the stage. The stage suddenly became a sea full of joy and festive atmosphere, and the annual conference ended perfectly in such an atmosphere.



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