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        Fan with switching driving circuit designed for rpm measurement:

        These fan motors have three lead wires: (+:Red, -:Black, output signal for 3rd wire: Yellow )

HXHT available :

R Type (Rotation Detector)

F Type (Frequency Generator)


        The    relationship    between    rpm     & output pules signal from 3rd wire are as follows:

(a) 1 RPM=2 Pules (4 poles' motor)  

(b) 1 RPM=3 Pules (6 poles' motor)

(c) 1 RPM=4 Pules (8 poles' motor)

Notice :

        For 8 poles' motor: normally, 1RPM=4 pules, if frequency divided circuit is implemented in this motor then 1RPM=2 pules.

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